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I’m Ferdian Alfianto, founder of ZipPNG. ZipPNG is a real-time image optimization and manipulation service. ZipPNG transforms, optimizes, and caches the entire image library of websites. We can compress images up to 90% of size reduction without losing the quality. We provide this service free for web designers and developers. It will help their websites load fast from any location.

We need support from hosting providers to provide us servers so we can continue this service for free. We need a minimum of:
- Unmanaged KVM VPS/Cloud Server/VM
- Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04
- 1 CPU
- 1 GB RAM
- 20 GB of SSD
- 1 TB of bandwidth
- The disk and bandwidth must be upgradable in the future

You may assign us at one or more datacenter locations, it's up to you. For feedback, we will put your logo and backlink on the frontpage of our website. Contact me at if you're interesting to become our sponsor.

Kind Regards,
Ferdian Alfianto